When you think about God, do you envision a God who loves all people without exception, who loves you, and who calls and empowers you to grow in faith and to serve others as the unique person you are?  When you think about church, do you hope for a place where people genuinely welcome and care for one another, grow spiritually through worship and small groups, and serve others as a way of life?  Do you want to be more than just a number?  Wherever you are on your spiritual journey—questioning, curious, or committed—we would love to get to know you.  






Sunday worship

Perceptions Worship at 9:00 offers the opportunity to praise God through contemporary music and a less formal atmosphere. Classic Worship at 11:00 offers the opportunity to worship with a choir, traditional hymns, and liturgy. People dress in varying ways for each service. Join us!

9AM 11AM